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     KVR is unquestionably the most comprehensive supplier of braking products in the world! No matter what your application, KVR can supply you with cross-drilled rotors, gas-slotted rotors, or even gas-slotted drums. Here are their 4 main product lines:

Carbon Fibre Semimetallic Brake Pads

KVR Semimetallic Brake Pads      What lies behind this extraordinary product? It was a combination of materials and design that results in increased braking power. The same space-age carbon fibre material used in heavy-duty machinery, is now used in our passenger and performance car brakes. Their special metallurgical formula meets or exceeds original equipment standards to offer truly superior performance. The brake compound uses a "carbon fibre weave rather than a carbon fibre dust". Kevlar material is used on these pads to insulate for high heat and increases the thermal stability of the compound.

     Independent tests and practical driving have proven that KVR's Carbon Fibre Pads exhibit virtually no fade. So you get full braking power, even in the most critical and demanding situations. This heavy-duty brake technology really pays off in added safety for you and your passengers. In addition to improved performance, KVR Carbon Fibre Pads also offer superior value. Add up the advantages:

Cross-Drilled Rotors

KVR Cross-Drilled Rotors      Brakes do need heat to work, but too much heat will lessen the ability of the pad to grab the disc, causing a serious increase in stopping distance. Cross-drilled rotors have been designed with a specific "drill" pattern that enhances air flow. This process does not affect the structural integrity of the rotor and does ensure maxmium cooling performance for each disc. Added advantages include:

KVR Gas-Slotted Rotors
Gas-Slotted Rotors and Drums

     Rotors are available now in 6, 12, and 36 slot! 3-slot drums are available for many applications. Similar performance to cross-drilled rotors for those who prefer a slotted rotor.

Big-Brake Upgrade Kits

KVR Big Brake Upgrade Kits      KVR Performance Inc. has widened the accessibility of these Big Brake Kits to the average performance drivers and made them available to enthusiasts around the world, including cars ranging from street Hondas to luxury BMWs. This *NEW* range of bolt-on performance kits has just been released. These systems are featured in Formula One, Cart, IRL, NASCAR, and Touring Car.


     We will attempt to beat or match any verifiable price, including specials. Give us the opportunity to win your business. Try us for the prices--you'll stay for the service!
     We can get performance rotors and drums for your application, no matter how obscure. Try us! Visit our vehicles pages or email [email protected] to get an unbeatable quote or additional information! You may also wish to vist KVR's website here.